Listen to me, friend. 

I get it.

You have this AH-MAZING story that you know will help others just like you. You can see your name on the book cover. You can feel the touch of every page you slaved over. You can even smell that awesome scent that you secretly relish in when you get your hands on a new book. 

And look over there. You can see a raving fan proudly holding a copy of your book--signed with your John Handcock. 

Slowly, you pull away from your daydream and face reality. 

The problem is, you have NO clue how to organize your thoughts or turn your random streams of consciousness into several coherent paragraphs that someone will actually pay to read. You have no clue how to even find your people--the ones who would benefit the most from your story. You may even doubt if you really have what it takes to self-publish.

No worries, friend. I've been there. In fact, it took me a few tries before I finally self-published my book. Now that I have, not only do I want to write and share more of my stories, but I want to help awesome people like you share your story, too! 

That's why I created the Book Idea to Outline Guide. This guide takes you from the idea stage to a 100% completed outline that you can work on at your own pace. You will be able to identify your target audience, generate book ideas, choose the one you want to work on now, and map out everything you need for each chapter. 

If you work best with extra accountability, you can upgrade to the guide plus one 1:1 coaching session via Skype. During this session, we will go through the guide together and create a writing plan. I will also provide email support for two weeks following our session. 


How this all goes down:

  • Choose which option is best for you: 1) DIY guide option OR 2) guide PLUS one 1:1 coaching session.
  • If you choose the DIY route, you will receive your guide once your investment is accepted.
  • If you choose the guide plus coaching option, you will need to choose the date that best fits your schedule on my calendar. I will email you the guide the week of your coaching session. 
  • The day before your coaching session, I will send you a reminder email with my Skype name. 
  • Once your session is completed, I will email you twice per week to check on your status and provide additional support. 
  • At the end of your email support, I will send you a link to provide feedback on my services.


group book coaching


Is this guide and / or coaching session right for me?

Honestly, the guide and coaching session are not for every book idea.

So, how do you know if it is right for YOU? 


This guide is designed especially for the writer who:

  • has a nonfiction book idea.
  • wants to inspire, empower, and encourage.
  • is wiling to put in the work and refuses to make excuses.
  • takes responsibility for her (or his) actions.
  • thrives best with accountability measures in place.

This guide is NOT for writers who:

  • are not motivated and willing to complete the workbook and write their book.

Still not sure if this workbook is right for you? Here's what Tamell had to say after working with me:

Working with J. has been EXCEPTIONAL! She is so organized and exudes EXCELLENCE even from the first email. She makes you want to get in order and provide nothing but the best for your project.
— Tamell G. of Metamorphosis PR Firm

And here's what Gabrielle had to say after working with me on her autobiography:

group book coaching
I enjoyed every second of our session. I was able to take my scatterbrained ideas and turn them into a structured outline that I can actually see myself completing!
— Gabrielle L., Inspired Royals

Are you ready to get one step closer to signing your fans' books with YOUR John Hancock?!


Book Idea to Outline Guide

Not everyone needs someone to personally walk them through an unfamiliar territory. That's okay! If you are a self-starter who needs little to no accountability from a coach, then you have the option to invest in ONLY the Book Idea to Outline Guide.

This guide will take you step-by-step of the process I took to go from book idea to outline. This guide includes 29 pages to help you organize and structure your book, track your word count progress, and help you remain accountable to your overall and weekly goals.   

Investment: $18

Guide + Coaching

You've tried to go solo at writing your book, and it just hasn't been going well. Things are about to change though. You're ready to stop playing on the hamster wheel, and see your name on that book already! 

If this sounds like you, then what are you waiting for, friend? Sessions are now available and slots are limited. Click the button below to schedule your session now. 

Investment: $ 78