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discover + create bundle


Looking for some new inspiration for your first nonfiction book? I've got you covered. Write. Reflect. Create. is a compilation of 250 creative and introspective writing prompts for creative and introspective writers, so you're bound to find an idea or two for your book! 

Write. Reflect. Create. includes:

75 one-word prompts

75 prompts phrases

50 story starters

50 reflective questions

5 coloring pages

20 blank reflection pages to create new content ideas

And since this is your first book rodeo, you're gonna need some structure to help you through the process. That's exactly what you'll get in the Book Idea to Outline e-book guide. Let me help you take your mountain of ideas and narrow them down into a concise, step-by-step road map.

This is a LIMITED EDITION bundle. Only 15 are available for purchase. 

Please note:

*Write. Reflect. Create. books are on pre-order. Your personalized copy will ship by November 17th. I will need your email address to send your digital copy of the Book Idea to Outline Guide e-book. 

Read FAQs here regarding online orders.

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